Japan vs Colombia… oh brother!


Indeed, what are the Kawano brothers to do?  It’s as if the cosmic rays have aligned to create a total eclipse.  A house divided, roots at stake here, the Kawano’s are faced with the ultimate dilemma: root for your country of birth, or root for the country that introduced you to the beautiful sport of futbol…  Yes, our family grew up in the suburbs of Cali, Colombia, where we spent just over a decade, our informative years of our youth  decorated through the exuberant cheerings for our local favorite Deportivo Cali, and punctuated by occasional meetings with Brazilian superstars like Zico and Rivelino (yes, they were stopping by for the Copa America in 1975… Zico was but 17!).

My gut feeling is that Carl (the older brother in this topic), will no doubt root for Colombia, for reasons that are perhaps more complicated than simple fanhood.  Our relationship with Colombia is at most,  superficial.  But in futbol terms, it runs deep… almost spiritual.  If God built the world in 7 days, then we Kawano’s believe that Colombia introduced us to futbol in 7 days.  We simply ate, drank and dreamt of futbol all the time.  In contrast, Japan had no global presence in the futbol world during the 70’s and 80’s.  It was not until the J-League kicked off in 1995 (of which I tried out for and spectacularly failed…) that soccer really took off, fueled by the disappointment and utter heartbreak following the “Doha no Higeki” of the 1994 world cup qualifying campaign.  Since then, Japan has soared to unprecedented heights, to a point where they are now considered “dangerous” even to the world’s best.  But I believe that Japan has a ways to go… whereas Colombia has true potential, also fueled by the disastrous 1994 USA campaign (yes, that very world cup that Japan failed to quality), where Pele hailed them as potential champions, only to fail miserably after the first round (Carl and I were at the World Cup to witness this debacle).

One debacle, and one heartbreak.  Now, 20 years later, these two teams are set to meet head to head in Brasil.  So what are we to do?  Oh brother Carl, help me out here…


Oh yes… Yoh’s World Cup Pool 2014 is under construction


The now world famous invite-only world cup pool is under construction, in hopes to be up and running in time for the 2014 Brazil World Cup.  Tech changes include a complete rewrite from Cold Fusion (remember that?) to PHP/MySQL/WordPress.  It also involves a techie who has never coded in PHP before, and has barely passable coding chops, hence, the more-than-a-year head start in development.  Send any ideas to make this site even better than all past editions.  And may the soccer gods grant us an all South American… or Asian… or African… World Cup final for a change.